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Stefek’s Seller FAQs

Who staffs your auction events?

Stefek’s is comprised of highly experienced and trained employees.

How do you price the items?

Stefek’s utilizes a wide range of resources to conduct research and will consult with our own network of experts for specialty items.

Where do you sell items?

At live auction events located at our auction house in Grosse Pointe as well as online auctions.

Where do you advertise the sales event?

We advertise events through local and national print publications, international auction listing sites, social media, and our email list of active buyers. Our mailing list is comprised of dealers, private collectors, and interested individuals.

How Can We Help You? What is your question?

Will I get an inventory of everything you sold for me?

Yes, complete and detailed accounting comes with your settlement.

Are you insured?

Yes. Coverage begins when Stefek’s Auctions takes possession of the item(s).

What is your service area?

Stefek’s motto is consign local, sell global. And we do just that.

Can I place a reserve on my consignments?

Stefek’s works with each client every step of the consignment and sale process to ensure satisfaction and success. After estimates have been set for items, Stefek’s will work with you to determine the best reserve for your item to maximize your profit.

After the commission, are there any additional fees?

Stefek’s does not charge a photography or online catalog listing fee. We like our contract to be as simple and straightforward as possible and our commission covers all of our service fees. Please contact Stefek’s for a sample contract and one of our staff will explain all of our terms of consignment.

When should I receive my payment?

You will receive your payment approximately 35 days after the auction date.

What do you do with items that doesn’t sell?

If there is an item that doesn’t sell the first time at auction, the item will be offered again.