Renowned around the world for its exquisite porcelain ceramics, Royal Worcester was established in 1751 by Dr. John Wall, an eminent physician and apothecary. Dr. Wall pioneered a process that preserved the white, translucent characteristics of porcelain from China. Royal Worcester is still in operation, one of the oldest and most prestigious English porcelain brands.

The company’s wares are recognized around the world for the quality of their craftsmanship. Wares produced before their royal warrant of 1788, as well as those produced at two other factories in Worcester, are known as Worcester porcelain.

The most popular Royal Worcester pattern is “Evesham Gold” which features autumnal fruits from the Vale of Evesham and fine gold banding. First offered in 1961, it became very popular with its “oven to table” body.

Stefek’s has a collection of eighteen jade green and gilt cabinet plates with hand painted fruit still lives signed “W.J. Bagnall.” Each plate is painted with a unique fruit still life and all but one plate is signed “W.J. Bagnall.” Bagnall was an artist for the Royal Worcester porcelain company of England.

Eleven of the eighteen plates are stamped with both the Royal Worcester stamp and with the Ovington Bros. stamp, while the remaining seven plates are embossed with the Royal Worcester stamp. The Royal Worcester chest cipher dates to 1926.

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