Pre-Columbian and Asian Art from the Collection of Andrew Weertz

A remarkable treasure develops with travel. This marvel does not arise simply from reaching, exploring, and surveying new destinations. This unique jewel arises from the expansion of our monde intérieur.

Through the vehicle of Stefek’s Auctioneers & Appraisers, we can still hold and enjoy a remarkable piece of the world. The company is offering a remarkable selection Pre-Colombian and Asian art that cross continents in space and span centuries in time.

The articles are real-life treasures from the collection of Mr. Andrew Weertz, assembled on his travels through Mesoamerica, South America and Asia. Among his work, Mr. Weertz is remembered for his emporium in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, Ports of Call, Ltd.

Special highlights of the Pre-Columbian collection include an incredible Mayan Jaina seated terracotta woman with a baby figurine from the Late Classic period, a collection of Moche pottery stirrup vessels, including a striking Moche owl vessel that once carried drink.

A polychrome Mayan incensor is an astonishing vessel. The lid is lifted by the head of a jaguar. The cat’s body has matching spots. On the underside is a scene with two priests or royal princes “flying” in yin-yang fashion around the sun and the moon.

The jaguar was an important symbol that denotes the divine spiritual nature and authority of Mayan kings. The artists whose work has endured through the centuries were highly educated members of the culture’s elite.

Various Asian ceramics also will be on offer, with most of the collection made up of Chinese T’Ang ceramics. The auction will showcase several pieces of Chinese Jun Ware ceramics, a Kangxi peach bloom brush washer, two pieces of Cizhou black ware, and a large T’ang terracotta camel. A stunning Yongzheng puce bowl, created 300 years ago in the Age of Elegance, represents the finest in artistry and technical brilliance.

Several carved greenstone and serpentinite figures are available for bidding, as well as Egyptian ushabti, bronze Buddhist sculptures, marble sculptures, Japanese and Korean ceramics, and pieces of Oceanic origin.

These examples and more currently are available for view online: click here. You also can register for the auction, which begins at 4 pm. ET on Thursday, July 9, 2020.

The articles represent unique moments and parts of the world. They will make an unforgettable part of someone who appreciates their significance as parts of our outer world – and inner world.