Stefek’s is continuously interested in consigning items for upcoming auctions. Stefek’s specializes in hosting auctions showcasing items within the following categories:

• 20th Century Art & Design
• Important Collections
• Michigan Artists
• Objets d’art
• 19th Century Art
• Decorative Arts
• Furniture
• Jewelry & Fine Silver

Getting Started

Interested in cosigning an item or collection? Contact Stefek’s today for a complimentary pre-auction estimate.

Stefek’s may be reached at 313-881-1800 or to reserve an appointment to speak with an auction estimate specialist. For larger collections, in-person onsite visits may be arranged.

Next Steps

Stefek’s will work with the seller to establish item value, recommended selling outlets and sales timeline. Sellers are required to sign off a consignment agreement for their items which outlines terms and conditions, as well as a complete listing of consigned lots. Stefek’s will provide recommended shipping accommodations for items to sellers; it is the sellers responsibility to secure transportation of items to Stefek’s. Upon arrival to Stefek’s, items are photographed, cataloged and promoted to buyers 25 days before auction sale date.

After The Sale

Sellers will be contacted post auction regarding the status of their items and payment for sold items. Stefek’s charges an agreed upon commission rate based on lot size and will send sellers payment for sold items within 35 days of auction date. For items that did not reach established reserve price or sell at the auction, sellers can pick up their items or agree to extend selling period to next auction date.