Words for the Wise

You may have heard your friends brag about the great find they snagged on a Saturday morning, perhaps a piece of gorgeous furniture in their home. And you wondered, “Where did they buy that?” 

The answer might be an estate sale. They are a great way to find unique items. Plus, in the process, you get to go through some amazing homes and explore historic neighborhoods.

Estate sales are not new, but for newbies they can be daunting. Here are some tips to make sure you are prepared.

  1. Get there early! If there was ever a case for the early bird getting the worm, it is an estate sale. You will receive a number when you arrive and will be let in according to that order. So, if you are interested in the best items or have particular items in your sights, get a number and get in line. We advise an hour before doors open.
  2. He who hesitates loses. If you like it – grab it! An estate sale is not like shopping in a store. There is one of each item and people coming through all day. Once someone else picks it up or if you want to “think about it and come back later,” it is likely that you won’t be bringing it home. The tag holder has dibs. Meaning if you see an item and the tag is in someone else’s hands, it is theirs unless they put it back.
  3. Prices are not suggestions. The price is the price – an estate sale is not like a garage sale. On the last day you may be able to offer a different amount towards the end of the day. At a Stefek estate sale you can pay with credit card or cash.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask. Friendly estate sale staff can answer your questions regarding policies, prices, pick-ups, and more. Depending on location, Stefek’s may be able to arrange a delivery for a fee.
  5. Shop ahead. When you see an amazing piece for Uncle Charlie’s collection or a pillow you know your sister will love, grab it now and cross it off your holiday shopping list. You will not see items like these, at prices like these, again.

Now put some empty boxes in the car, dress comfortably, and have fun!


During COVID19 our estate sales are limited to a certain number of people in the house at a time. You will be required to wear a mask properly and observe social distancing for entry.