This beautiful West Village home on Parker Street is chock full of furniture, china, crystal, collectible books, decorative items and so much more. The estate sale features over 100,000 items from the home’s eclectic collector. The home itself is 5,000 sf.

The West Village Historic District was so named in mid-20th century because of its location just west of better-known Indian Village. West Village was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 and includes a number of architectural styles including frame Queen Anne houses, and Tudor, Colonial Revival, and Mediterranean Revival houses as well as Georgian Revival and Jacobean apartment buildings.

The homes in adjacent Historic Indian Village were designed by renowned architects, including Albert Kahn, Louis Kamper and William Stratton. The homes were built for prominent Detroiters such as Henry Leland, Arthur Buhl, Bernard Stroh, and J. Burgess Book. Many of the homes are large, with some over 12,000 square feet.