Goldeneye James Bond 007 Pinball Machine – Sega 1996



Goldeneye 007 Pinball Machine by Sega.


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Goldeneye James Bond 007 Pinball Machine – Sega 1996 

This classic arcade pinball machine was released by Sega in 1996. It features a pistol-grip ball launcher and many other references to the movie of the same name. It works great but needs a minor repair to the Start button.

Condition: Good. Cosmetically the machine is in good condition, with minor scuffs and scratches that are consistent with age and average use. Mechanically, the game turns on and works exactly as it should, but the START button is difficult to activate, requiring “jiggling” the button or the wiring inside. Re-soldering the connections will restore the unit to consistent functionality.
The locking mechanism on the rear of the machine also needs to be replaced. See pictures for details.