An extraordinary collection of 4,000 Science Fiction and Fantasy books will be offered Friday and Saturday, Feb. 12 & 13 during an Estate Sale presented by Stefek’s Auctions.

The works include novels and collections of short stories by some of the genre’s greatest authors in hard cover, from Isaac Asimov to Roger Zelazny and almost all vowels, consonants and accents in-between. The offerings also include a remarkable collection of classic SF paperbacks spanning the 1950s to the 1990s, and works by authors Ray Bradbury, Ian Fleming, Anne McAffrey and William Shatner.

Stefek’s also will be offering a superb assortment of plates, prints, figurines and other collectable pieces with Science Fiction and Fantasy subjects. These include hundreds of Dungeons & Dragons Figurines in pewter, D&D Masterpiece Editions, as well as thousands of “Time of Void” collectible cards and games, plus hundreds of Lord of the Rings collectible cards.

One author of interest for those who enjoy classic Science Fiction is E.E. “Doc” Smith. The creator of the Lensman and Skylark series of works, Doc Smith is remembered today as the inventor of the space opera – galactic-sized thematic canvasses that encompass rivalling interstellar civilizations and sterling heroes and dastardly villains – human, alien and otherwise – spanning the multiverse.

The collection also is noteworthy for the beauty and sophistication of the Science Fiction and Fantasy artwork illustrating their covers. Among the fine artists represented is Paul Lehr, whose painting for the cover of Isaac Asimov’s “Pebble in the Sky” is shown above.