Stefek’s is a full service company that provides professional resources for auctions, appraisals, estate liquidations and consignments.

1. Service

The Stefek’s team handles all of selling the details for each client individually. When selling with Stefek’s, listing the item(s), negotiations with the buyer, shipping, and payments are handled. Sellers are kept up to date on the process; from marketing the item to seller payment, Stefek’s offers personalized care for each item.

2. Expertise

Lori Stefek and her team offer experience, knowledge and research when cosigning an item, liquidating an estate or appraising an item. Lori is certified by the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) to ensure that professional, accredited appraisals are given. The Stefek’s team is able to provide complete estate liquidation; from clean-outs to estate sales, Lori and her team efficiently and effectively handle each situation.

3. Advertising

Stefek’s, advertising of items, estate sales and auctions includes major newspapers, online publications and social media. Individual collectors and dealers are also contacted regarding sales to ensure vast reach and promotions.

4. Buyers

Stefek’s has established a large international, national and local buyer base, giving item(s) the exposure they require. Stefek’s promotional efforts are equipped with the necessary processes to reach targeted demographics and collectors to ensure items, auctions and estate sales receive top buyer interest.

5. Teamwork

Stefek’s is comprised of team members that are knowledgeable, personable and creative when it comes to buying and selling. The team offers researched and informative suggestions and recommendations when working with sellers and buyers to guarantee the best experiences possible.

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